Writing With Boys (Plus an update about an update!)

I do believe it’s time for an update! Lately I’ve been deep in the revision cave working on CLASSROOM book 3 as well as my next teen book, BUSTED. And then–out of nowhere–I was attacked by a picture book idea. I tried to talk her down, explaining I really didn’t have time to deal with her right now. Nope. She insisted, so fine. I’ve been in the cave working on THREE projects. In related news: my family misses me.

But it’s baseball season. The boys are fine.

Since it’s summer, it gets a little harder to work at the house since there are groups of ten-year olds running around. It’s a blur of baseball hats and video game controllers and Capri Sun. So in order to concentrate, I sometimes have to go the lovely place called SOMEWHERE ELSE. Recently it was a parking lot. It’s glamorous part of writing.

[The office. Honda style.]


But then Author Christmas happened. My books arrived!!

Book 2 releases in a couple of weeks. June 25th. I’ll post again soon with updates on a blog tour and giveaways, plus my appearances this fall in Georgia, South Carolina, and Los Angeles. I’m calling it the “BE EPIC” tour. Can’t wait to share all the details soon!

Now. Back to the cave! (car)

Humor Video Chat–Now With An Added Bonus!

I’m holding my next video chat next Monday night on writing humor in middle grade and young adult. I’ll share tips on how to infuse humor into any genre. Topics include:

  • unique phrasing
  • rule of three (how and when to use it)
  • snappy dialog
  • “the call back”
  • how to surprise your reader

The fee includes a copy of my middle grade novel, THE CLASSROOM, and my young adult novel, DITCHED. There are a few spots left, so head over to my agent’s website to sign up and read up on all the details: A Path To Publishing–Humor Workshop

But there’s a BONUS! Three of you who participate will be picked at random to win a signed copy of THE CLASSROOM book 2 before it even hits stores!



And just for fun, here are a couple of inside pages from book 2 (coming June 25th)…click to enlarge!

Also, if you click on the T-for-Twitter button below to share this post, I would consider you totally lovely. Yay, you lovely person!!



A New Humor Video Chat!

The video chat I held went very well. The feedback I received was awesome (and heartwarming). So I’m holding another one! The format will be a little different this time. It will be longer (90 minutes) and I’ll cover many topics that I wasn’t able to get to in the last chat. (How to write funny dialog, using similes to your advantage, how to charm your readers with THE UNEXPECTED, and more!)

There is a fee but the cool part is it includes BOTH of my books. A copy of THE CLASSROOM and DITCHED will be mailed to you, and hopefully you’ll have a chance to read through them before the chat. It will be held on April 8th and you can find all the details and how to sign up by going to my agent’s website:

A Path To Publishing–Humor Workshop


Hope to see you!


ALSO! A reminder just in case you haven’t seen all the tweets and Facebook posts on this…

This Saturday is the mega teen author event at Disneyland. So get your park-hopper ticket and come join me!  We’ll be tweeting and posting pictures all throughout the day (probably to the point of annoyance) so don’t miss out!!

If you can’t be there, be sure to follow along and comment using our twitter hashtag: #YAPPIEST

Click on the image to see all the AMAZING authors who will be there…


Upcoming Video Chat–Let’s Talk!


Writing Contemporary Humor For Young Adult & Middle Grade

Lately we’ve been hearing agents and editors ask for contemporary young adult (romantic comedies in particular) as well as funny books for middle grade. I have a six-book contract with Disney-Hyperion to write all contemporary humor. I have lots of thoughts about this subject, so…let’s chat about it!

I’m holding a free online video chat on Monday, March 18th from 5:30-6:30 PST. It’s an interactive discussion on writing contemporary humor. I’ll share my insights on how I approach my teen comedies compared to my humorous middle grade series. And I’d love to hear what you like (and don’t like) in humorous books for kids.

This won’t be Skype—it’s a new video chat technology I’m using thanks to my lovely agent, Jill Corcoran. She is using it for her online workshops with editors and agents over at A Path To Publishing. (She has an AMAZING lineup of speakers…go check it out!)

Jill likes to refer to it as “Skype on Steroids!” (I love that description.) It’s also true—I will be able to toggle between talking to you WITH MY FACE, to my computer screen where I can share Powerpoint slides, videos, anything! And everyone will get the chance to ask questions all along the way.

So…details! —->

The first twenty people who sign up will receive an email 30-60 minutes before the start time. Just a couple of clicks and you’re IN—it’s amazingly easy. If I get more than twenty, that’s ok, go ahead and put your name in since some people may have to drop out.

In the comments section, leave me your name and email address and any questions you have.


Pre-Order Classroom 2…Get Stuff!!

Book 2 of THE CLASSROOM releases on June 25th. So let’s get in the mood…shall we?


First, a cover and summary!


Libby Gardner and Cindy Applegate are smile-without-teeth friends, but they are fierce rivals when it comes to politics. Cindy owned the student council elections in fourth and sixth grades, while Libby came out on top in fifth. Now, they both hunger for the prestigious title of seventh grade class president.But middle school elections have their own rules…and pressures. When Trevor Jones is forced to join the presidential race, he devises a plan to make sure his best friend Libby wins. That all changes when he discovers that Libby has oh-so-sneakily gone behind his back by hiring Molly Decker to be her campaign manager. Now, he’s in it to win it. And things are going to get ugly.

Join Trevor, Libby, Cindy, and the whole Westside contingency (along with the documentary film crew) as they explore the ugly underbelly of middle school politics.


If you pre-order book 2, I will send you bookmarks and a signed bookplate. Just email me letting me know you pre-ordered, and give me your child’s first name (or your name if it’s for you!) so I can personalize it!

ALSO! The first 20 people who email me will receive a BE EPIC wristband!




And to get a peek inside, head over to Shannon Messenger’s blog to see some inside pages. Yep, my illustrator hit it out of the park again.


Thanks again, friends, for your support of this series. It has been an absolute joy to write and I hope you and your kids enjoy the next installment.


Disneyland…16 teen authors…Too much fun

If you’re in the LA area or if you’re near a flying plane and hop on and GET to the LA area, then check this out!! The Yappiest day on earth is COMING! (March 30th, to be exact.)



And here are the authors participating…




Here are the details. Hope you can make it!




What’s better than books? Nothing! But rollercoasters come close. On Saturday, March 30, 2013, sixteen of your favorite young adult authors will put on their mouse ears for THE YAPPIEST DAY ON EARTH, the first (that we know of) YA Day at Disneyland. Bloggers, booksellers, librarians, and fans are invited to come spend the day riding with authors and chatting about current and upcoming releases. The event will culminate with a group signing at the Anabella Hotel, across the street from California Adventure.

To participate, meet the authors inside the gates of Disneyland at 8:00 AM on March 30th. Or, join us at the book signing at 5:30 PM at the Anabella Hotel, 1030 W. Katella Ave. Those too far away to participate may order books to be autographed through Mysterious Galaxy’s website at http://mystgalaxy.com/.

Participating authors include: Elise Allen, Carrie Arcos, Sean Beaudoin, Jennifer Bosworth, Martha Brockenbrough, Cecil Castellucci, Rachel Cohn, Kevin Emerson, Chris Howard, Lish McBride, Gretchen McNeil, Robin Mellom, Shannon Messenger, Cat Patrick, Kasie West, and Gabrielle Zevin.

The day will be tweeted live by participating authors and fans, using the hashtag #YAPPIEST.

Event Breakdown:

What: THE YAPPIEST DAY ON EARTH When: Saturday, March 30, 2013

8:00 AM All YAPPIEST participants should meet inside the gates of Disneyland. Look for the authors in YAPPIEST T-shirts!

4:45 PM All YAPPIEST author/reader groups should meet near Guest Services at the main gate to walk to the signing location together.

5:30 – 7:30 PM Group Book Signing Anabella Hotel 1030 W. Katella Ave Anaheim, CA, 92802 Phone: 714-905-1050

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/290371664423066/?ref=2 for more information.

Book Party Recap and Upcoming Signing in San Francisco

We had a fabulous time at the Flintridge Bookstore mother/daughter book party. Groups of girls gathered around each author’s table for a brief presentation and then some q&a. Then the bell rang and they would switch–speed dating style!–and we met with seven groups of passionate, wonderful readers. Just. Awesome.


Coming up is another special event, this time in San Francisco. I’ll be signing and speaking with YA authors Veronica Rossi, Tamara Ireland Stone, Cynthia Omololu, and Cory Jackson. It’s a Valentine’s Day inspired event and we will be giving away a CD of our favorite love songs. Also: cupcakes!! It’s February 13th, 7 p.m. at the Walnut Creek Barnes & Noble.


Also, a quick update! There was a glitch on Amazon but it’s fixed now, so the paperback version of DITCHED is up and in the correct spot. Whew! The front cover is the same, but they changed the back a little–I’m a bit biased but I’m calling it ADORABLE.


Coming Up

I’ll be in LA on January 27th at Flintridge Bookstore for a mother/daughter book party. If you’re a mom with a daughter in grade 3 through 6, check out the brochure below for a list of all the AWESOME participating middle grade authors and info on how to reserve your spot. Should be a blast!

Best of 2012 and Hello 2013!

Happy New Year! This past year was pretty amazing for me. I had two books release, wrote another book, did school visits, book signings, spoke at conferences and managed to catch a few episodes of Parks & Rec  (which I love, as you will see in a moment). But before I get to that, I do want to say thank you to all of those who bought and read my books this year. I love that people are reading DITCHED and telling me that they are craving this sort of fun romantic comedy. All of the feedback has been so encouraging and I promise there will be more!! And to those of you who put a copy of THE CLASSROOM in the hands of a middle schooler, thank you so much. It’s been wonderful to hear about kids who are loving it. And it’s especially cool to come across things on the internet where students are doing book reports or writing short screenplays based on the book. SO COOL!!

Those of you who HAVEN’T read my books yet, I’m assuming you’re stuck under something heavy so all is forgiven. But good luck with that…heavy…thing…that’s on you.

This next year will be very busy for me. I plan to finish writing THE CLASSROOM Book 3–yes, I’m already writing the third one! And I’m finishing up the follow-up teen novel to DITCHED. Also, a bit of good news: THE CLASSROOM was selected to be part of the Santa Barbara County Battle of the Books so it will be on their county-wide reading list. I’ve also been asked to help with their final battle round as guest author. Can’t wait!! And later in the year I’ll be at the Las Vegas Festival of Books. Keep checking back in the EVENTS section as I update it through the year.

Okay. Now. My Best of List from 2012.


The two books on my list this year are both laugh out loud funny. And I don’t mean LOL, slight-smirk funny. No, no. These books made me want to be a better writer. To write funnier.

First up is an adult memoir by Jenny Lawson, aka: The Bloggess. My husband ACTUALLY kicked me out of bed because of this book. I typically read at night before I go to sleep, but this book would have me laughing so hard that I would cry and he couldn’t sleep. So I was only allowed to read it during the day. But even then I’d annoy him because I’d try to read passages to him but I’d do that laugh-snort-foot stomping thing where no words are intelligible and he would calmly twirl me around and say, “Just go read silently in the driveway, sweetheart.”

So that was fun.

But seriously, I got SO much out of this book because I grew up in the south and this memoir is about her childhood experiences in a small Texas town. Hilarious and sweet and probably something I’ll read again in 2013.


Let’s talk about teen novels. As you can tell, I like my books funny. And laugh out loud books are a rare find. Truly rare. But y’all…I found one. I took Me and Earl and the Dying Girl with me on vacation and read it by the pool. Which turned out to be rather embarrassing because I would laugh loudly and then talk TO THE BOOK. “No, don’t do that. Oh, no. Oh my gosh!” Again, my poor husband was like, “Sweetheart, can you figure out a way to read BY YOURSELF??”  After a while I didn’t care that people were staring at me, because I was totally in love with this book. Jesse Andrews has an edgy writing style that is totally fresh. It was JUST what I was looking for. And this wonderful story was flawless. It was a bit of a love story, but really it was one of the coolest stories about a friendship between two boys. They were unlike most of the characters you read about in YA and you will absolutely fall in love with them. Read this book. Seriously. GO.



Ha! Like I had time to go see a bunch of movies. So don’t rely on me for your movie recommendations. But the one movie that I did love, I went to go see it twice. So this year’s best movie goes to MOONRISE KINGDOM.


This year it goes to Parks & Rec. Though I love Modern Family still. But P&R has really grown on me to the point where I feel like Leslie and Ben are real people and I wonder what they’re doing. They are the cutest couple on TV. Cute cute!!


Are we all legally obligated to say Call Me Maybe? It’s been seeming that way. Cute song but sheesh! I really loved Mumford & Sons I WILL WAIT. sigh.


Omg I got an iPad!!! Now I just have to pry it out of my kid’s hands.


Snack pack of Oreos. Can we stop talking about this now?


My new fave: OPI My Private Jet


And finally…the one we’ve all been waiting for!


The Ninja blender. This thing could chop firewood, baby. Love it!!

2012 Wrap-Up: Part One…Denial

I am in complete denial that we are at the end of the year. I haven’t finished Christmas shopping. I haven’t reflected on all the amazing things that have happened this year. And I haven’t gotten a new wall calendar for my office.

Total denial.

So I promise to do a follow-up, PART 2 blog post in which I accept that it’s the end of the year and I do one of my “best of” lists. Stay tuned because it will get INTENSE as I reveal my pick for Best Small Kitchen Appliance of 2012. That’s right…I’m going there.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of book updates…

  • The paperback of DITCHED will be released on January 8th!
  • DITCHED has been nominated for Best Teen Humor Novel! So please take a moment and vote if you would like to make me happy, happy, happy! And you can vote for all your favorite YA books over at YABooksCentral.
  • THE CLASSROOM BOOK 2 has a cover and I have seen it. It is all sorts of adorable!!! All I can say is that we are referring to it as “The Blue Cover.” Woohoo! There are some final touches to be made and then I can share that and the summary with you very soon.  It will release on June 25th.

Hope you’re wrapping up the end of the year with LOADS of acceptance. I’ll get there. I will. (Right?)


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