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Kristen Pettit at HarperCollins has bought, at auction, Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom’s THE PAGES BETWEEN US, in a two-book deal. Two best friends separated by conflicting middle school class schedules vow to keep their every-moment closeness alive through the pages of a notebook, pages which become a lifeline both hilarious and heartbreaking, with the power either to bring them together or tear them apart. The first book will publish in 2016. The deal for North American rights was done by Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agency for Leavitt, and Jill Corcoran at Jill Corcoran Literary Agency for Mellom.

I met Lindsey Leavitt years ago at the national SCBWI conference in LA. We bonded instantly because we’re both tall and that automatically enrolls us in the Tall Girls Club, which is a very exclusive club and it usually involves much ranting about how hard it is to find a good pair of pants.

Lindsey and I always stayed in touch and I am thankful that she became my go-to girl for discussing school visits (and also ModCloth).

So here’s what happened:

Last October, I had an idea for a book…two girls who share a notebook and help each other get through life in a new middle school. I wanted it to be funny and heartfelt, but I didn’t want to do it alone. I felt it needed two authors in order to bring out the spontaneity and unique voices.

So when I think “funny” and “girl,” Lindsey is the first person who comes to mind. (Those of you who know Lindsey know exactly what I’m talking about.) We spoke on the phone and we immediately started brainstorming. We were writing letters back and forth within a week. We kept telling ourselves, “No pressure. If this project takes YEARS to write, then fine. We’re doing this for fun!”


It wasn’t long after we started that we both fell head over heels with these characters and this project. So we JAMMED. And a zillion emails and texts later, Lindsey and I now have a two-book deal with the brilliant Kristen Pettit at HarperCollins.

I am so incredibly proud of this project. Lindsey and I wanted to show a strong friendship that could withstand all the ups and downs in life.

And I’m so glad I get to experience all the ups and downs of book writing with my dear, dear friend by my side. Thank you, SCBWI, for bringing us together.


  • sjohannes

    you guys rock! miss you both :)

  • Jessica Love


  • leewind


  • Kimberley Griffiths Little

    Amazing! Congratulations, you two!

  • Dawn Kurtagich

    This is so awesome!!! Congratulations! :D Goo Greenhouse heehee!

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