My New Favorite Contemporary YA–(win the Advance Reader Copy!)


Not too long ago, I met up with my friend, Lindsey Leavitt, for a writing retreat near her home in Las Vegas. I happened to notice she had an ARC of THE CHAPEL WARS sitting in her bookshelf. The book happened to land in my suitcase. And it happened to fly all the way home with me.

I typically don’t read books quickly because I usually read for about 8.5 minutes before I doze off at night. But every once in a while, I come across a book that I love so much, I put off cleaning/working/paying attention to my family just so that I can finish it in one big gulp. That’s exactly what happened with this book.

Y’all. Oh my gosh.

First of all, the set up. Two competing wedding chapels in Las Vegas and the family dynamics that cause their “war.” Brilliant.

Then the family relationships…awesome. And the banter between our two not-supposed-to-be-together lovebirds? So. Flipping. Cute.

The writing is amazing with so many darling phrases that I had to re-read most of it just to mentally hug so many of the sentences. I LOL’d. Which I think should be LLOL’d (LITERALLY laughed out loud). And then at the end, I LCOL’d (yep, LITERALLY cried out loud). I was a hot mess.

But I’m now going to pass along this experience to one of you…leave a comment and I will give away my ARC (with Lindsey’s permission) to one lucky reader! If you mention this giveaway elsewhere (tweet, retweet, FB, re-FB?) I’ll put your name in a hat twice. (Note: it’s not a real hat.)

THE CHAPEL WARS comes out next month. Pull out your Elvis costumes and celebrate!!

Giveaway ends Friday night…


  • Joanna Marple

    I’d be totally up to read and review this!

  • Hazel

    I adore Lindsey Leavitt’s books! I read Going Vintage and it was super quirky cute. Would love to read this one as well! :)

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