News about my upcoming picture book series…

I’m so excited to share my news! Here’s the Publisher’s Weekly announcement…

Nancy Inteli of HarperCollins has acquired the first three books inRobin Mellom‘s Hannah Sparkles series, about a happy little girl who helps her down-in-the-dumps neighbor find her inner sparkle. Mellom is the author of the middle-grade series The Classroom and a YA novel,Ditched; these are her debut picture books. Jill Corcoran of the Jill Corcoran Literary Agency did the deal for world rights. 


The idea for this picture book came from my son. He’s a happy little guy. He was born happy, actually. He didn’t cry AT ALL when he was born and the nurses whisked him away to do testing because they thought something was wrong. But there wasn’t anything wrong…he just didn’t have anything to complain about. Life was good. Why cry?

And so I had this idea to write a story about a girl who was also born happy. That’s actually the first line in the book…”The story goes…I was born happy.” She uses her unique world view (which includes pom-poms) (of course) to cheer up her not-so-happy neighbor.

Soon we’ll hear who will be illustrating and I also plan to share this “creating a picture book” process with you. It fascinates me how the collaboration works, so I hope to share the details with you as we go along…

My editor, the wonderful Nancy Inteli, has been a dream to work with and I feel this project fell into the perfect hands.

I’m shaking my pom-poms over here!!!


  • David LaRochelle

    So very proud of you, Robin! Huge congratulations!

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