Epic Tour Recap!

My book tour through Georgia, South Carolina and California was FANTASTIC. I saw over 2,000 students and the inside of many, many Hampton Inns. I toured around with my parents (adorable, right?) and they made this magnetic door sign for the car…


Before we hit the road though, I had to hit up DragonCon in Atlanta. Here is my new friend… (don’t judge)




My son LOVED this picture though he had no idea what a “Charlie’s Angels pose” was.


I visited my own middle school, Crabapple Middle School.

I also met with several groups of teachers to share the teacher’s discussion guide that Disney made for THE CLASSROOM. It was awesome to get back in the schools and work with teachers again.





The group in the picture above was my largest group…360 sixth graders. Gulp! But they were awesome.

I only hit up the WH once. ONCE. Which means I’m going to have to plan a trip back to the south very soon.

  • Dana Elmendorf

    How awesome your parents went with you! I love that. Now I have to meet them too. :) And the Waffle House is the BOMB! Please tell me you ordered “all the way” hashbrowns? yum yum.

  • Myra King

    Sounds like super fun!

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