My New Website & DITCHED Giveaway

Welcome to the new website! Poke around a bit–let me know what you think. I’m still waiting for my domain name, but that will switch soon.

I have to give a huge shout-out to my dear friend Michael over at iii design for putting this website together for me. We had an absolute blast working on this, and my husband got involved by taking the photographs of all the icons at the top. That photoshoot got very silly that day, thus the picture of a peep with an Evel Knievel helmet to represent my blog. I love that rascally little peep.

So! In celebration of the new website and because it’s only three months until DITCHED is released, I’m giving away a signed ARC as well as…STUFF!! No, you will not receive a Nook, or iPad or Honda Odyssey, sorry. BUT! Here’s what you will get…

An ARC of DITCHED (of course), bookmarks, a bunch of daisy stickers, 7-Eleven gummy bears, a gift certificate for two 7-Eleven slurpees and some punk fairy temporary tattoos! These are things that will make MUCH more sense to you when you read the book, but even still…free slurpees!!!

The punk fairy tattoos were designed by my illustrator friend, Frank Cezar Ramirez. Here is a better picture of the tattoo (which will stay on for a good six days even with daily showering, trust me)


I love her so much. She’s the wallpaper on my phone now and I’d honestly love to wallpaper my house with her but the family is not in agreement. (For now…)


To enter the contest, just leave a comment for one entry. But if you tweet, retweet or facebook the contest (I like facebook as a verb), you’ll get an extra entry. Just let me know. Contest runs for a week and I’ll announce the winner, more than likely, by next Thursday, Oct. 20th. Good luck!

  • Robin

    Testing out the comments. WordPress is DIFFERENT.

  • Bee

    Oh, this is a very pretty website! Loving it. And I’m loving the giveaway too :D

    I retweeted your tweet. I’m not sure if it comes through in here:!/robinmellom/status/124188331415314433


  • Laura plowman

    Ohhh such good swag and want to read Ditched soooo bad

    • Laura plowman

      Ohhh I retweeted as well is under YA indie princess

  • J. Anderson Coats


  • Robin Reul

    Ditched AND swag? How can I not enter? And aside from having the coolest name, like, ever…you have a pretty cool new website too. :) I like the Evil Knievel helmet…will have to tell you my Evil Knievel story next time we see each other :)

  • Linda Singleton

    I just want to read your book (g). It looks GREAT!!

  • Laura

    So so so exciting!!! Love the look of this page. Congratulations!

  • martha brockenbrough

    Robin! It looks GREAT! I can’t wait for Ditched to debut.

  • lisa

    you are killing me! LOVE it! i’m gonna keep saying it- i knew her when…

  • Goose

    Can’t be more proud of you & so psyched to read your creation!!!

  • Angela R

    Great website Robin! I had a lot of fun roaming around. Can’t wait to read your book. Hope you do some local signings too!

  • Teri

    Can’t wait to read Ditched!

  • cathe Olson

    I love the website and can’t wait to read Ditched!

  • Imo

    Ooh, definitely count me in, i can’t wait to read Ditched!
    The new site looks amazing, i love the header :D

  • Kimberly Sabatini

    I’m not gonna lie–I want to WIN!!!! Facebooked and on my way to Tweet!

  • Gina Rosati

    I love your new website, Robin, and I can’t wait to own my own copy of DITCHED!!! And lucky you, drinking Coke in the teacher’s lounge!! I’m off to share this with my world :)

  • Susan

    Love your little punk fairy:-) Great website!

    God Bless,

  • Melissa

    LOVE LOVE LOVED the book!!!

  • Shelley Coriell

    Niiiiiice, Robin! Will share with those in my universe. Counting the days until DITCHED! Hugs.

  • Lauren Goff

    Your site is so cute! The book sounds awesome! I can’t wait to read it! Plus the tattoos are adorable! <3

  • Judy

    Ohhh, excited to read Ditched! :)
    And, I retweeted it under @HeyMsJude

  • Kristen Evey

    Commenting and posted to facebook. :)

    LOVE your site by the way. I can’t wait to be putting your book on the shelf at B&N.

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  • Kristine C. Asselin (@KristineAsselin)

    I’ve been waiting to read this book for a long time–ever since I first heard about it…not even sure when. WriteOnCon last year? And I love your punk fairy — I’ve got a goth fairy story WIP right now!

  • Kristine C. Asselin (@KristineAsselin)

    I tweeted, Robin!

  • Angel Snyder

    Wow! Great swag! Thanks so much for this giveaway chance! And I love the fairy! :)
    Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Laura Pauling

    Yay! Thanks for this chance to read Ditched early and help promote it of course!

    I’m tweeting right now!

  • Joyce Johnson

    I would love to read Ditched early and post a review on my blog! I’m tweeting this ARC giveaway!

  • Deb Marshall

    I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance–early read opportunities are always great!

  • JenniferJ

    Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I would so totally enjoy winning this! I have retweeted the giveaway (bookwormjen05)

  • Ariel

    Retweeted AND commented. Twitter name = Matriaya

  • Madison

    Enter me! ….I am too lazy to all the extra stuff. xD I would LOVE to read this!!!

  • Sarah Evans

    I’m super excited to read DITCHED!! Love the cover with the classic prom dress! I’d love an entry for a chance to win an ARC and stuff!

    Here is where I tweeted about it also:!/sarahjevans/status/126843155571150848

  • Ashley G

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win!!

  • Leah E

    I can’t wait to read DITCHED–it sounds like a great book!

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    And my teen novel, DITCHED: A Love Story, is about a 16-year old girl who has one of those nights she'll always remember (and a prom she wants to forget). Check out the Teen Books section for an excerpt!

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