Cover Reveal for THE PAGES BETWEEN US #2!

Join us, as Lindsey and I chat about the cover of our next book releasing in March 2017 from HarperCollins. We share our thoughts on the design and share some backstory. Aaaaaand then we veer off topic. But you knew that… 🙂


Lindsey: Robin and I got together (well, internet together. Google docs together) to share our reactions to the cover for our next book, THE PAGES BETWEEN US: IN THE SPOTLIGHT. What’s that you say? You wrote another Pages Between Us book together?! Yep. LIKE YOU COULD STOP US.


Robin: The only thing that could stop us from writing another book is…wait…there’s nothing. We love doing this too much. And today is a big day. The cover for our second collaboration is ALIVE! It has a beating heart! And lungs! And wow, that got gross.


Lindsey: I think they call it going live, Robin. Not Alive. Also, you like personifying things, don’t you?


Robin: The cup of coffee I’m drinking is my best friend. So YES, I personify things.


Lindsey: I bet that cup of coffee is burning hot, too. I know you so well. Anyway, I’m presently on my balcony in the green mountains of Utah…


Robin: And I am sitting in a Starbucks overlooking a six-lane highway and a Shell gas station. Classy. So, Lindsey…let’s talk about our love for this cover. ….. Lindsey. Lindsey? You there? Are you nursing a baby bird back to health or something?? That’s what you do in the mountains of Utah, I’m assuming.


Lindsey: Sorry. No birds involved. Parenting moment. Had to settle my kids’ disagreement over a pair of socks. Ahhhh balance.


Robin: You’re my hero.


Lindsey: So, let’s open this email and behold this image in all it’s jpeg glory together, shall we?


Robin: Isn’t jpeg the BEST word ever? And this jpeg below is particularly darling.


Lindsey: Drumrollllllll….







Lindsey: Ahhhhhh! My eyes are tickling from the amazing. Can eyes tickle?

Robin: SO. MUCH. COVER. CUTENESS! Also, eyes totally tickle when they’re in the presence of things one can only describe as “adorbs.”

Lindsey: Here are three things I love about the cover.

  1. That it shows both girls interests that are central to the story
  2. The little Battle of the Books flyer. Fair readers–have you ever participated in your school’s Battle of the Books? You get to read AND discuss AND battle? We were so in love with the different Battles we watched as authors that we had to include one in this story
  3. The colors. Doesn’t it look like Book #1 & #2 are BFFs?


Robin: Yes, book 1 & 2 are totally going to stay best friends all the way through college and chat on facebook when they’re adults. I was so excited to see the Battle of the Books flyer on the cover. Our artists came up with the idea to spear books with swords–darling! A quick side note about Battle of the Books: Lindsey and I have both participated as authors. But to write this book, we wanted to see other viewpoints. We met in a small mountain town in California and rented a quaint cabin to write the battle scenes. Luckily, Youtube is our best friend (besides each other) and there were tons of videos of schools across the country battling it out…over books. So, in summary, we watched videos in a remote cabin. It is as creepy as it sounds.


Lindsey: Not to give anything away! I mean, about the book. I fear we’ve already given away enough about ourselves, Robin.


Robin: My social security number is–


Lindsey: Shhh…


Robin: I’m going to go now. Time to nurse a baby bird back to health.


Lindsey: No, that’s me. You’re the one by the freeway.


Robin: Right. I meant to say ‘gotta go nurse a Slurpee.’


Lindsey: So IN THE SPOTLIGHT is available March 2017 and is up for pre-order here. In the meantime, read THE PAGES BETWEEN US and start a fun notebook with your bestie just like Olivia and Piper


Robin: If you pre-order, send one of us a message and we will mail you signed bookmarks and a bookplate! And possibly my social security number!*


*Authors’ note: We are not sending you our social security numbers.


Kehoe Kids Project… #readitforward

I had the pleasure of doing a Skype visit with a fourth grade class in Milford, IN. Turns out, these weren’t just regular 4th grade readers…they were readers on a mission! They started a service project to raise money for books they could donate to the kids at Riley’s Children’s Hospital. What started out as a goal of earning possibly $200 has now turned into $2,000! And still going strong! Please help these students continue to #readitforward by donating books or money to this wonderful cause.

Here are the details…


The fourth grade students at Milford School are getting statewide recognition with the Kehoe Kids Project: a student led book drive in honor of Diane Kehoe, former teacher and loved community member. What started as a group of fourth graders wanting to make a difference has turned into a HUGE success. The students were presented with their reading theme for the 2015­2016 school year, #readitforward, and decided to start a small project. They would raise money to buy books and donate these books to the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital in memory of “Miss Diane.” The students are scheduled to deliver these books to Riley Children’s Hospital in April, where they will join several members of Kehoe’s family and Superintendent Glenda Ritz. Ritz was connected with the fourth grade students after hearing of their amazing generosity and hard work.
“We have been talking about making a difference outside of the classroom as well as inside our school.” said Autumn Griepentrog one of the three fourth grade teachers. The students have taken it upon themselves to come up with fundraising ideas. The kids have sold snacks before school, charged teachers for wearing jeans, held a silent auction, and started a gofundme page. The kids have raised over $2,000…and they aren’t done yet! They have had several generous donations from community members, businesses, as well as family and friends of “Miss Diane,” and will hold a second silent auction March 11th at the annual Milford School Fish Fry.
The students were introduced to “Miss Diane” through one of the fourth grade classrooms where she graciously donated her books in order to share her passion and love for reading and learning with them after her retirement. Shortly after donating her books, Kehoe was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and lost her battle six months later. After her passing the class library was named “Diane’s Corner” in her memory. “Our students have made a strong connection with “Miss Diane” even though they never had the privilege of meeting her. Her generosity and love for reading is on display daily in our school, and we want to do the same for the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital by donating these books in her memory.” commented Emily Worrell, fourth grade teacher.
If you would like to support these amazing fourth graders and their hard work, you can donate to the Kehoe’s Kids project, by sending a check to:

Milford School Attn: Kehoe Kids
611 West Emeline Street Milford, IN 46542
Or visit the gofundmepage at:

Cover Reveal for THE PAGES BETWEEN US! (And an ARC giveaway)

This is a super special day. My darling friend Lindsey Leavitt co-wrote a middle grade novel with me. Sometimes we had so much fun writing this we felt guilty. We wrote it in emails and texts to each other.

“Should we be giggling this much??” –something we often asked each other





Here’s the summary:

Piper and Olivia have been best friends since…well, forever. They aren’t about to let a little thing like middle school get in their way—but they’re distressed to find that their new schedules aren’t giving them enough together-time.

Luckily, an idea sparks when Piper finds a cute sparkly notebook to disguise as her “French Class” notebook. It’s genius—now the two BFFs can stick together all the time. And document their adventures—you know, for anthropology’s sake.

But as the two navigate the tricky new world of sixth grade, they realize that they may need to branch out more than they originally thought. Their notebook, once a life raft, begins to feel like a big responsibility. Can they grow up, without growing apart?

Told in letters, posters, blog posts, homework assignments, and more, The Pages Between Us is a totally fun, totally earnest snapshot of middle grade friendship—and what it truly means to be there for someone during the ups, downs, and everything in between.


And now, here’s the downright adorable cover. Thank you, HarperCollins! Coming February 9, 2016 to a bookstore or internet “buy button” near you…

(Click to enlarge! Do it!)


PBU_final art_lg(1)


So in true Lindsey-Robin fashion, we discussed the book…in the form of letters. Because it’s sort of our Thing now. Head over to Mundie Kids to read more AND to enter the giveaway for an Advance Reader Copy!











Booth at the SCASLC

On March 11-13th, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians held their annual conference. I was not able to participate in person, but I did still manage to get a booth up with all my books. How? By my adorable parents! They spoke with hundreds of librarians and donated HUNDREDS of books to schools. I’m already hearing from librarians who say the books are being checked out and kids have signed up for the waiting list. Makes me SO PROUD and thankful to have such supportive parents. Check it out!


Have You Read Book 3?

Be sure to check out book 3 of THE CLASSROOM series before the final book releases on June 16. One student asked me, “Hey, is that guy on the cover supposed to be like that Ty Pennington dude from Extreme Home Makeover?” Yep. But with even more hair product.

3D-book classroom 3

Santa Barbara School Visits

I recently spent a week down in Santa Barbara presenting to groups of kids from every school in the district. They had to do something to earn a spot there–write an essay, join an after school book group, etc. So it was amazing to be a part of an event where the students, teachers, and coordinators were SO eager and showed their love of books. Fantastic week for an author!